Sparkle {Advent: November 30}

I’ve always been drawn to things that sparkle. Glitter, Christmas lights, sprinkles, iridescent jewelry, sequins, fireworks, stars, sunlight on the ocean, the light parade at Walt Disney World. You name it. If it sparkles, dazzles, twinkles, or glistens, the little kid inside of me explodes. That might be why Christmas is my favorite holiday. Sparkly things everywhere.

I once heard a sermon in which the pastor explained our fascination with Christmas lights. He explained that those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere experience the winter solstice during the Christmas season. So, our part of the earth is at its darkest point when we celebrate Christmas.

Since I heard that sermon, I’ve continued to let that message sink in. We can be in the darkest of circumstances and there still be a flicker of hope, something glimmering there in the distance. This is what I have to hold onto, that Christ will return and establish the kingdom of God in its full glory, because then there will be no more pain, no more evil, and no more lack of empathy.

We are weak without hope. This hope that we have in Christ is not some futuristic fantasy. No, our hope starts now. Let all the sparkles of this season encourage you towards hope and remind you that the Holy Spirit is still active in your life.

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