You Need a Dog – 9 Tips to Consider when Planning to Own a Dog

 You know it’s true. You’ve been dreaming about one nonstop for at least two years, and you make a fool out of yourself anytime you meet a dog. Forget talking to its owner, you just want to cuddle with your new friend. Now that you have officially labeled yourself a creeper, let’s think about a plan to get your own dog.

1. Do NOT purchase a dog from anyone who is not a certified breeder. This includes pet stores, hair/nail salons, or any random establishment that happens to be selling puppies.

2. Examine the legitimacy of the breeder. When you visit a breeder, ask to see their certifications and licenses. They ask you to provide references, and you need to ask them to provide references. If someone isn’t willing to show you proof of certification or references, don’t buy your puppy from that breeder. You also want to check for the living conditions of the parents. Make sure the breeder is transparent about any health issues in the parents of your puppy.

3. Consider adopting a dog from a rescue shelter. These dogs are often easier to bring home because they most likely have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, crate trained, and socialized. The fee is a fraction of what a thorough bred costs, and it contributes to the rescue of other dogs.

4. Select a breed around which you feel comfortable. Regardless of the breed, bringing home a dog will require adjustments in your lifestyle. Research the needs of the breed that you want, and make sure you can provide those needs.

5. Use common sense. Big dogs can reside in apartments as long as they have plenty of time and exercise outside. Also, you don’t have to be the energizer bunny to own a hyper dog. In fact, if you’re a little sluggish it might help you to have a hyper dog as long as you are willing to care for him or her properly.

6. Get ready to spend a lot of time with your dog. Please don’t get a dog if you do not plan to spend a lot of time with him or her. Neglect is a form of abuse, and a companion pet is no companion if you don’t treat him or her as such.

7. Let your dog sleep inside where he or she will be safe from the elements. Dogs are den animals, which means that they prefer to dwell in places that provide a secure, warm shelter. Do not leave your dog outside tied to a tree. If you aren’t willing to see your new friend as a part of your family, then you aren’t ready to own a dog.

8. Save up and research the best quality care. Consider the costs of visits to the vet and groomer, food, crate, treats, bedding, toys, obedience classes, boarding, etc. Count all of that up and save up before you bring home your new friend. Research your options for quality dog food.

9. Take lots of pictures when your dog is a puppy. You’ll want to see how much your dog has grown sense puppyhood, and they’re great for when you miss those puppy days.

Now, stop being a creeper and go get you a dog.