What Inspires You? {Advent: December 5}

What inspires you? What makes you see your circumstances in a new perspective, and what causes you to let go of the unhealthy patterns in your life?

You need to spend more time around the things that inspire you. Things that inspire you range from a variety of categories. It can include people, patterns, styles, textures, destinations, colors, shapes, animals, plants, nature, music, landmarks, books, certain stories, blogs, a course you’ve taken, magazines, journal articles, smells, sounds, words, podcasts, movies, tv shows, retail stores, restaurants, your industry, etc.

So, take five. Take five minutes, get your journal, and write down ten things that inspire you. Be specific. If you think of more than ten things, write those down too.

Now for each thing that inspires you consider how to incorporate it more in your life. Think of purposeful, tangible, ways in which you can do so. For example, if there’s a certain pattern that inspires you, pick out a set of notecards or some scrapbook paper with that pattern to set on your desk. As another option, purchase a cookbook with your favorite kind of cuisine in it. Have an inspiring destination in mind? Purchase a travel book on that destination and plan out your next visit. Listen to your favorite podcasts daily. Purchase a year-long subscription to your favorite magazine. Network with people in your industry, or each month read a new book that relates to your career.

Whatever is on your list of inspirations, make a point to surround yourself with those items. Be sure you encounter those inspirations on a regular basis. Life isn’t supposed to be boring, so let it inspire you!


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