Speak {Advent: December 2}


This one is not as long, because I want you to have time to apply it in a practical way.

As we talked about yesterday, you have something to say. Deep, honest words and emotions are stuffed in your heart that you long to express. When you try to find an outlet to speak, you only end up hitting a wall. Jump over it. You need to speak. You want to communicate emotions that you fear others may judge. You want to express points that need to be said, but you are scared to say them.

Let me encourage you to speak. Your voice needs to be heard. You can find ways to say what needs to be said in a way that’s constructive. You can speak what’s on your mind with kindness. If there is something you are timid to say or if it is something that might hurt someone, write it down in a journal. Regardless, speak.